Two Messages from ANDREW CAPITMAN

Two Messages from ANDREW CAPITMAN

February 2, 2020 in Events, Notes



Dear Classmates:

We’re so excited that a number of you have signed up for our unique Miami Beach Art Deco Mini-Reunion.

Our schedule of events, especially designed to give a whirlwind immersion in the cultural highlights of the wonderful neighborhood that made South Florida famous world-wide, will be a lot of fun.

Make your plans now. If our Catalina Hotel reunion headquarters isn’t fancy enough for you (selected for its combination of quality and affordability), it’s located right across the street from the elegant Delano, SRS and National hotels. If cost is an issue, consider the small hotels on Collins or Washington Avenues a few blocks south. If you want a longer South Florida vacation, stay on the beach or consider Key West. March is unquestionably the best month of the year in South Florida.

I just came back from the 43rd Art Deco Weekend: Attended a wonderful Baroque concert at the New World Symphony (two blocks from the Catalina), dined on Lincoln Road Mall, walked the 70 block-long beach path and marveled at the incredibly diverse and international tourist crowd. My article on the early days of the Art Deco District is available through the link below.

Join classmates for a convivial and charming experience. Don’t delay. Sign Up Now!

Best Regards,




Happy 2020, Classmates.

Like so many of us, I took Vincent Scully’s History of American Architecture in the Law School auditorium and enjoyed it immensely. Little did I know in 1970, that historic preservation would soon become a central theme in my life. Here is an article coming out next week in the Miami Design Preservation League (“MDPL”) program for the 39th Art Deco Weekend. I tell the story of how my mother, Barbara Baer Capitman, my wife, Margaret, me, and a goodly group of other committed preservationists conceived and drove the establishment of our country’s first 20th century National Historic District and started the great come-back of America’s Playground.

Check our class website or the announcements elsewhere here at our Facebook Group for details of our planned Miami Beach mini-reunion coming up in less than two months. We will kick off the weekend at the iconic Joe’s Stone Crab….still the best place to savor this Florida delicacy. We’ll take a walking tour of the Art Deco District with well-trained MDPL tour guides, visit the Wolfsonian Museum, a major collection of 20th century decorative arts, tour the ultra-hip Wynwood Arts District, visit Charles Deering’s romantic bay front mansion, Vizcaya, and finish on Sunday with an al fresco brunch in Coconut Grove.

We’re aiming for stimulating content, great dining, some sunshine (March is Miami Beach’s best month) and time for conviviality.

Feel free to call or contact Rob Bildner or me if you have any questions.

See you in Miami Beach!

– Andrew Capitman





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