A Remembrance of David Herington

A Remembrance of David Herington

January 25, 2018 in In Memoriam, Notes, Recent Deaths

A remembrance of David Herington by Charlie Munitz (JE):

“I’m very sorry to have to report that our dear friend and classmate from JE, David Herington, passed away this morning from complications of multiple myeloma.  David leaves his wife, Bette Pearlin, and their son, Jay Herington. I just got word from Bette. I was fortunate to have been able to see David a month ago, on December 5th, at his home in California.  He was, at that point, ambulatory and in good spirits. David had a long and successful career in high tech – he was an early employee at Sun Microsystems and was involved in miscellaneous business development projects after that.  He was an avid athlete, actively engaged as a cyclist and as a soccer player.  He and Bette had been together for many years; their son, Jay, is now in his upper twenties. With sadness, and warm regards, Charlie.”

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