Davenport College Photos 1968-1972

Davenport College Photos 1968-1972

June 26, 2013 in Notes, Photo galleries

These photos were taken by Bill Fowkes from 1968 to 1972 and feature primarily students and faculty of Davenport College. Please contact us with the names of any people not yet identified in the captions.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, Bill! I think Harry Scammel made it also into the picture FOWKES1-R1-E041, right foreground. One of the pictures has him listed as “Harry Scannel”, so I Googled him to make sure I remembered the spelling right. Interesting to find out that Davenport College published a tribute to him: “The description of the Bookplate Collection in the last issue of _Nota Bene_ neglected to mention Harry D. Scammell, one of its distinguished recent curators. Harry came to Yale in 1963 to assist Warren Lowenhaupt, then Curator of the Bookplate Collection; at the same time, he was appointed Librarian of the new Geology Library. When Lowenhaupt died in 1968, he became Curator, a post he retained until his death in 1984.

    “Davenport College, where Harry was a resident fellow for 20 years, recently honored his memory and the breadth of his services to the Yale community by publishing _Harry D. Scammell: A Recollection and Appreciation_ (ed. Richard C. Beacham, New Haven, 1987).

    “Harry’s contributions to the Bookplate Collection were numerous and important. He gave his own collection and worked to incorporate it along with several other large donations into Yale’s holdings. He reorganized British and American bookplates and assembled complete works of individual artists like Willam Fowler Hopson, a New Haven engraver. He purchased valuable plates and arranged for donation of others. He displayed the treasures of the collection and enriched numerous exhibits on campus with carefully selected bookplates.” (www.library.yale.edu/notabene/nb_v1_no2.pdf)

    After 40 years I finally find out what in the world Harry Scammell did.

  2. I believe someone has been misidentified as “Mark Alberta” in these picture.

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