Bill Fowkes Publishes Collection of Short Stories

Bill Fowkes Publishes Collection of Short Stories

February 7, 2016 in Arts, Notes, Publications

Bill Fowkes reports that he recently published several short stories previously published in a variety of literary journals along with some additional stories in a collection called, SKYLINE: TALES OF MANHATTAN, a Collection of Short Stories by William Fowkes.

Here’s a description: “In SKYLINE: TALES OF MANHATTAN, award-winning playwright and author William Fowkes presents stories of New Yorkers—gay, straight, and confused—making startling connections and discoveries. On the West Side, a man approaching his sixtieth birthday tries a new haircut, with disastrous consequences. On the East Side, a Park Avenue Republican gets a taste of life on the “down low” in Central Park. In the East Village, a struggling writer papers his kitchen wall with rejection letters. In SoHo, a graphic designer takes drastic steps to get the attention of her editor. At MOMA, a woman physically attacks a man examining a sculpture she doesn’t like. Downtown, a transplanted New Orleans cabaret singer deals with life and love in the aftermath of 9/11. There are 19 stories in all—enough to demonstrate that Manhattan’s residents are just as striking as the city’s celebrated skyline.” Available on Amazon.

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