Jamie Stern Reports on Lunches for Yale '72 Women

Jamie Stern Reports on Lunches for Yale ’72 Women

May 20, 2019 in Events, Notes

“Twice yearly, Yale ’72 women in the northeast get together for lunch in NYC. Our fall lunch, hosted by Jamie Stern and Lynne Rutkin on October 19, 2018, was attended by Judith Albert, Deborah Bernick, Sally Birdsall, Cynthia Brill, Shirley Daniels, Leah Greenwald, Pam Huntington, Jerylle Kemp, Ann Linden, Roanne Mann, Carol Petschek, Eva Resnicow, Jan Roth, Constance Royster, Rhonda Singer, Carol Whitehead Stern, and Nancy Weinstein. Our next lunch, to be hosted by Cynthia Brill, will take place on June 14.

Sharing updates—good and bad—over these many years, supporting each other, and celebrating whenever possible, we have come to know each other in ways that were harder when we were at Yale. One of the most discussed topics this year has been the planning for the September celebration at Yale of 50 years of undergraduate coeducation. We owe a huge debt to Connie Royster, Cynthia Brill, Carol Whitehead Stern, Cathy Olian and Pam Huntington for the leadership roles they are playing.”


  • From JAMIE STERN (pictured below in the back row, all the way to the left):


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