Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. Died November 2012

Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. Died November 2012

January 11, 2013 in Notes

Science fiction author Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. (SC) died in November 2012. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland published an obituary in which they reported on his impressive career. “[P]eriodicals ranging from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine to Omni printed more than 75 of his shorter works. A number have also been anthologized both in the U.S. and overseas. He has published ten best-selling science fiction books in America. … In 1987 the French translation of his novel ORA:CLE received the Prix Litteraire Mannesmann Tally.”

Kevin’s brother, John O’Donnell (class of 1974), forwarded an obituary from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which may be accessed on the newspaper’s website. Kevin’s wife, Kim Tchang (class of 1971) writes: “As the author of 10 published novels and over seventy published short stories, Kevin stayed true to what he had dreamed about as a Yale freshman and what he loved best – writing. Kevin also received the Service to Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) award for his selfless contributions to SFWA: managing the Nebula Award Committee, running the SFWA bulletin, and chairing the SFWA Grievance Committee that helped writers resolve issues with their publishers.  He was an extraordinary human being who blended the best talents of a smart thinker, compassionate listener, and masterful storyteller.”

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