News from Mick Piper-Smyer

News from Mick Piper-Smyer

February 1, 2017 in Legacies, Notes

The big news for my wife, Pat, and me is the arrival of our twin grandsons, Bailey & Gus Piper, Dec 19, 2016. Our daughter Kyle Piper-Smyer(Yale ’05) and her wife Kate Piper (Yale ’05) live with the boys in Portland, Oregon.

Meanwhile, I have stepped down as provost at Bucknell University and I am on sabbatical at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the dSchool), working on Graying Green: Climate Action for an Aging World. I am using human-centered design principles and techniques to make older adults more visible, valued and effective on climate action. I am hoping we can have some discussion of this at the reunion, maybe tapping the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication’s Tony Leiserowitz.

I have been lucky enough to see classmates Helen Kivnick and Gerry Babst in the last month- always a treat!

See you at the reunion!
Mick Piper-Smyer”

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