Pedro Geraldino Reports on D'port Reunion in Philadelphia

Pedro Geraldino Reports on D’port Reunion in Philadelphia

May 5, 2015 in Events, Notes, Photo galleries

To all Dporters who attended this weekend’s minireunion and those who promise coming next year:

Wanted to take a moment to thank Ron, Paul and Kevin for making all the arrangements for a wonderful weekend reunion. Opinions were divided as to whether the food or the opera was better at Victor’s Cafe on Friday night.  Paul’s restaurant choice got the minireunion to a splendid start.

Bistro 7 was Kevin’s restaurant choice on Saturday. It was delightful and the delicious food was well matched by the variety of wines, mostly from the Rhone, that Kevin smuggled from out of state. Both evenings were exceptional and memorable. Thank you for all the fond campus memories.

On Sunday, Ron gave us an instructive orientation to the arcane rules of cricket, before winning the international award for the best umpire,(or some similar life achievement award) which was witnessed only by those who stayed until the end of the cup match. Ron received a well deserved round of applause for his expert calls and dedicated umpiring at Philadelphia’s International Cricket Tournament.

All Dporters, spouses and friends had a grand time. Thank you to all who took the time and trouble to find your way to the city of Brotherly Love. Special recognition to Alan Cohen who flew in all the way from San Diego. Alan suggested incorporating into next year’s agenda a foosball tournament !  Ron and Bob Sellers have already been top seeded as defending champions. Marc, Fil and others better start practicing at your local tavern. The format is likely to include a round robin for single players as well as fearless teams from the past.

Mark you calendars for the first weekend in May 2016 !

Boola, Boola


Ron with Award

Ron with award.

What happened there Dinner at Victor's Cafe Brunch at Philly Cricket Club-2 Cup game comes to an end

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