Photos From "Paris People" by Neil Allen

Photos From “Paris People” by Neil Allen

January 8, 2021 in Notes, Photo galleries, Publications


“At this time of this year, I have been looking for images to share and inspire. I revisited my book, “Paris People,” which is being revised for 2021. The photos attached below were captured when Paris was suffering terribly in the aftermath of the November, 2015 terror attacks. Before leaving New York for our trip, Laura and I had people tell us that it would be dangerous and we should not go. Determined not to let the bastards get us down, we went. Once there, as most tourists were staying away, the Parisians greeted and treated us as real friends. Going back twice more in 2016, we had the chance to see and feel Paris move from reeling to reviving.

“The photos highlight the special season and time: the Gallic charm and joy, “Christmas Supper, Au Pied De Cochon, Paris, December 25, 2015”; the tension and concern, “Silent Night, Christmas Night, Paris, December 25, 2015”; and, the peace and beauty, “New Year’s Eve, 2015, Place Vendome, Paris, December 31, 2015.” (Please click on images to see larger versions if images are small)

“Laura and I hope you enjoy the images and take this opportunity to wish you and yours a New Year filled with good health and better times, interactions and vistas.”

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