Robert Bissell Publishes a Book on the Stock Market

Robert Bissell Publishes a Book on the Stock Market

July 6, 2015 in Notes, Publications

Robert Bissell (TD) recently published a book, STOCK MARKET: YOU CAN DO IT! Rules for Investing in the Stock Market. The book discusses an investment strategy that he says has worked well for him. “I’ve developed this method over the past 25+ years, the ideas gradually evolving to the strategies presented in the book. It is intended for long-term investors, primarily involving blue-chip, dividend-paying stocks. The idea of buying low and selling high is, of course, not new. But I believe I’ve come up with a novel method that helps achieve this elusive goal by buying at relative lows and selling at relative highs, all while rebalancing a portfolio (Chapter 9). None of it is complicated, and it does seem to work.”

In other news, he reports that he retired a year ago from 33 years of pediatric practice in Northampton, MA. He remains happily married to Janet Bissell. “We have two wonderful children, Aaron and Amanda, and two lovely granddaughters.”


Robert Bissell

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