Rusty Pickett Had a Great Weekend in Boston

Rusty Pickett Had a Great Weekend in Boston

January 4, 2019 in Notes

RUSTY PICKETT (MC) REPORTS: Although THE GAME result was not as anticipated, Dave Dearing (MC) and I had a great weekend in Boston.  On Friday night we met up with Jay Drake (MC), Fred Gale (MC) and Joe Ristuccia (MC) for dinner and reminisced about great times as Freshmen in Vanderbilt.  On  Saturday at the game, we sat with Bob Masland (SY) and Anne.  Sitting in front of us was Paul Copeland (MC) and his family and behind us was Joel Goldberg (SY).  After the game we met up with Dave Johanson (PC) and Mary for dinner and remembered times both at boarding school and Yale.  As a Sox fan, it was great to see the Eli play at Fenway.  Boola and Happy Holidays to all.  [Submitted 11-21-18.]


Pictured below: Rusty Pickett, Dave Dearing, Bob Masland post game.

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