Tony Rostain Reports on His Life

Tony Rostain Reports on His Life

January 11, 2016 in Notes

Anthony Rostain (DC) reports:

“I’m enjoying a busy and productive career as well as a great personal life in Philly, the city I’ve lived in for 35+ years!! Keeping up with a few classmates (Steve Hecker [EZ], Steve Strom, and David Parrella [EZ]; Jim Holston [DC], Charlie Munitz [JE], and Allen Carney[JE]), all of whom are facing our mid-sixties with zest and enthusiasm!! Feeling fortunate to be healthy and surrounded by loving family and friends!”



[Editor’s note: My best memory of Tony is his performance in Samuel Beckett’s End Game in Davenport’s squash court. (I was the props manager and the assistant lighting manager.) – WIF]


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