William Logan Remembers Stu Jackson

William Logan Remembers Stu Jackson

September 1, 2016 in In Memoriam, Notes

William Logan (BK) offers this reminiscence of Stu Jackson on LinkedIn:

“Stu Jackson (1972), Chairman of WYBC (1970-71), died last July 30 in Taipei. After taking an MA in Journalism at Columbia, he spent his career in business news, working for Business Week, Bloomberg News, and the South China Morning Post. I spoke with his younger brother, who said Stu had been suffering from cancer and after chemo had been headed toward recovery when he took a sudden turn for the worse. I shared an apartment with Stu the summer of 1971, when we both worked at the station. He had a particularly dry humor, no more in evidence than when the apartment was burgled (loss: one clock radio) and when we were attacked by an aggressive clan of New Haven bedbugs. Stu was point man during the FCC investigation of the station following our broadcast of Jerry Rubin’s delightfully obscenity-laced speech in support of the Black Panthers. He joins the shades of others who made the station what it was in those years: Craig Baskerville, John Toth, Lawrence Alexander, Smokey, and the Duck.”


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