Jack Sobel Publishes Second Novel

Jack Sobel Publishes Second Novel

August 13, 2020 in Notes, Publications

“I read your class notes and am grateful for your good work. I especially enjoyed reading about Rob Bildner’s book, The Berkshires Farm Table Cookbook, even though I am a full-time Florida resident (state motto: What Virus?). Coincidentally, one of the local TV networks recently ran a feature on Rob’s book, which included Jeff Lohr biting into a carrot he had just pulled out of the ground. (ehh, what’s up doc?).

“I have also delved into the world of book publishing. My first novel, The Flower Man’s Daughter, came out about ten years ago. It was a fictional account of a Yale Class of ’72 graduate sent to Chile by the CIA to participate in its alleged effort to destabilize the government of socialist president, Salvador Allende. A military coup, led by Agustin Pinochet, toppled Allende on September 11,1973. My recent self-published novel, The Judge’s Lawyer, features the same Yalie, now a lawyer in post-Mariel Miami, (1981), assigned to defend a judge accused of murdering a prominent Cuban exile. When the judge refuses to participate in his own defense, the Yalie employs some old CIA resources to discover the judge’s motive. It has received some favorable reviews on Amazon. I’d be glad to send you a copy if you think it worthy of mention in an upcoming note. Please just let me know.

“Thanks for your kind attention,

“Jack Sobel

(BK 1972)”

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