A. Carlyle Frank

From Bob Masland:
As you know Carl Frank died in September 2022. We both met him at Ingalls rink during Freshman Hockey tryouts. Carl played Freshman and JV Hockey at Yale. A few years later he attended Stanford Business  School and played on their club team with Wick Goodspeed and  Pete McNernery. For many years he returned to New Haven to play in the Alumni Hockey and was always happy to be at the Yale Whale.   In the years since graduation he would call me to talk about the season prospects for Yale  football, hockey and later lacrosse. Besides skating, Carl played softball for many years in the  Philadelphia Bankers League.

After his memorial service, Carl’s brother John organized a dinner for his Yale and Stanford classmates in New York in January. Classmates Don Tracy, Peter Mcnerney, John Lapides, Victor Stewart and I attended. The evening was full of humor and affection directed towards Carl’s steadfast commitment to attend weddings and funerals of friends and acquaintances. I will always remember him showing up the day before my Army induction. We had a long night and somehow we found the Boston Army Depot the next morning so I could raise my hand.

Despite his declining health Carl was able to attend our 50th Reunion. Special thanks to his family who assembled his friends in New York. Adios Ace.

Another obit:
Carlyle Frank (Carl) passed away on September 16, 2022 following a long-term battle with complex health issues.  He was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1950 to Armin and Suzanne (Sue) Frank.  After spending his early childhood years in Schenectady (NY) and Cleveland (OH), Carl moved to Philadelphia and attended Chestnut Hill Academy (now SCH). From there, he attended Yale University and Stanford Business School.

Carl was full of life, one who will be remembered as an unforgettable character.  He loved his family, the outdoors, all “doggies,” music and his athletics (most notably ice hockey, skiing, softball, windsurfing and running).  His long-term passion was ice hockey.  At the Wissahickon Skating Club in Chestnut Hill, he played for almost 50 years, interrupted only by stints on both Yale and Stanford’s hockey teams.  It was principally through these activities that he developed lifelong friendships, ones that are filled with remembrances of “Ace.”

He is survived by his two children, August Carlyle Frank (Augie) and Georgia Suzanne Marley Frank (Marley), his sister, Gretchen Frank Carey, his brother, Jonathan White Frank (Jono) and his sister-in-law, Sarah Greve Frank (Sarah).

Memorial donations may be made to The Wissahickon Skating Club (500 West Willow Grove Ave., Philadelphia, PA  19118).