Anthony Barzilauskas

Dean Pitchford (DC) reports on the passing of our classmate, Anthony Barzilauskas (DC), who died in New Haven on July 22, 2013 at the age of 63. “He was still teaching at Hillhouse High School at the time of his death. I roomed with Tony in Davenport, along with Nathan Wise and Greg Stringer. We made for a motley crew: me, the budding actor; Tony, the star football player and Greek scholar; Nathan, the consummate painter and musician; and Greg, the dapper soccer whiz. But we supported each other’s efforts wholeheartedly and loved each other a lot. I last saw Tony about four years ago when he surprised me at a book-signing I did in Madison, CT. Only five weeks ago, he attended a show of Nathan’s family’s artwork in Old Saybrook. His spirit, tenacity and generosity will be sorely missed.”


Nathan Wise adds, “Donna and I Beth and Mike Wolak at the memorial for beloved classmate Tony Barzilauskas, in Hamden in July, attended by family, colleagues, students, and friends from all periods of Tony’s courageous life as an educator (in Iran in the 1970s and most recently in New Haven).”


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