Emmitt Thompson

I wanted to add a recollection: when Emmitt Thompson lived in Vanderbilt at the beginning of the fall term of 1968, I remember being impressed not only with his demeanor and his smarts, but also with his size: he was a wall, immensely tall, perfectly muscular, and not a drop of fat. Soon after Kent State, in the spring of our sophomore year, he saw me walking to class and said, “Do they have to kill a member of your own family before you will do something?”  It is a memory sad enough to stick with me 37 years later, for his sincerity and disappointment in me were evident, and there was no opportunity to explain why I felt  that my choice was sound.  He was a man of moral force, and I am sad  and shocked to learn that he is with us no more.

Henry Schneiderman


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