Gord Farrimond

John P. Louchheim (CC, now GH–Grace Hooper College) reports on the passing of Gord Farrimond (also CC):

“Thought you might want to know: Gord Farrimond passed away on 1/22/17. He died unexpectedly of cardiac endocarditis, having endured months of suffering (but thinking it was a bad case of the flu).

“He left 10.5 grandkids, a lovely and very kind wife, three children and two more stepchildren, a sister and her family, a church-full of friends, and a hugely loving extended family behind.

“At Yale, Gord was a varsity hockey player and a good soul, though a pretty mediocre poker player, from 1968 – 1972. He led some of us into and out of trouble through those years, and he held life’s treasures in deep regard.

“He found goodness throughout his time on earth: financially, spiritually, and interpersonally. He taught me, our circle of young adults, his children, and most who knew him a lot about what’s truly important in life.

“We miss him.”

John P. Louchheim, ’72.



Here is Gordon’s obituary: https://yale72.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/YC72-BA-9.pdf