Jack Schiff

We got chummy from junior year on, kicking around Morse… many snapshots of memories, his shock of curly red hair and his chubby cherubic grin.  Jack was one of those guys who was obviously So Smart that nobody quite knew what he was doing in school, maybe an esoteric advanced curriculum from another planet.  After graduation, his accelerated assent to a combined M.D/Ph.D (at Harvard & MIT, I believe) was a clue to his genius beyond our wit. 

Remarkably this guy had no pomp or pretense… Jack was genial and playful, in the moment and tight with the rap, generous to others’ ideas & gags.  Maybe this was his wisdom, knowing he had no need to prove his intelligence to anyone, and might learn more hearing theirs. 

Jack left us barely 5 years out, if memory serves… it sounded like something congenital, something he raced ahead of to achieve all he could, and then it caught him.  I’ve thought a bunch about Jack’s mercurial life & career, what he might have done, and the wise man we could have known.

Scott Addison

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