Peter Seelye Evans

I met Harry and Peter in the very early months of coeducation. Maybe it was in Norma Brustein’s acting class for undergraduates where we and several other classmates were dubbed her Wunderkinder. The Wunderkinder proceeded to make an indelible mark on undergraduate theatre at Yale in those years. Harry and Peter came to Yale together from Andover with a passion for theatre. Harry’s facility with languages lead to a transcript major in French but an official major in musical theatre. Peter was an actor’s actor and Cole Porter fan. After Yale, theatre remained their lifeblood – Harry in producing and directing; Peter in acting. They are great friends. The kind of friends one continues to chat with, consult with, share a laugh and a cry with. They would have been great uncles to my daughter who is showing her own musical and theatrical gifts.  When we got a new puppy in the fall there was great debate over what to name him. Our new puppy is Harry.

Constance Royster


Peter Evans who lived right on the first floor of our entryway in Vanderbilt when we were all freshmen, a thousand years ago: I was living in Chicago around 1980 and had the great good fortune to attend a matinee of Chidren of a Lesser God, starring Peter.  He did a wonderful performance, and I excitedly told my wife that I knew him from college; considered trying to stop backstage, but was in the end not brazen enough.  Wrote to him to say so, and he sent an extremely gracious note in reply, that included absolute instruction to stop by if I ever saw him on the stage again.  I would have, but the opportunity never arose, and then one heard the awful news that he had died, many decades too soon.

Henry Schneiderman

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