Robert Michael Solotke

Bob was a shy, gentle, brilliant student.  I have fond memories of his one week stay in my home in the Bronx during our freshman year winter vacation.  He was so proud of his midwest roots.  I showed him the heart and soul of  New York City, but he kept saying, “We have that and more in Chicago.”

Alan Cohen


Bob Solotke was one of my fellow sufferers in the premed mess.  He was a nice guy who most people did not know very well.

William Packard


Bob was a true gentleman who never allowed his considerable talent and intelligence to get in the way of his civility and humility.  I remember him at the Bladderball game, running around like mad with a Yale Scientific Magazine tee shirt on his back, ready to give his all for his team.  What fun everyone had in those days!  At the Yale bowl people were surprised at how much he resembled his father; the two of them made a great duo.  If you ever asked Bob for anything, he was always willing to help.   He was an inspiration.

Bruce Hesselbach

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