Tom Schultz

A remembrance of TOM SCHULTZ (SM) by H. Boone Porter, III:
“I was saddened to see Tom Schultz’s name listed ‘In Memoriam’ in the Nov/Dec 2020 edition of Yale Alumni Magazine. Freshman year, Tom and his roommate, Steve Rose, had the suite next to the one I shared with Don Tracy on the 5th floor of the Bingham Hall entryway next to the Chapel Street Gate. I remember being shocked, when, after the 1968 Election, Tom announced he would gladly take a bullet to save President Nixon’s life. I didn’t know anybody else who supported Nixon, who was loathed by most people I knew. During the next 3 years, Tom and I went our separate ways, and only maintained a ‘how are you doing’ nodding relationship when we passed each other on a sidewalk.
“In the Fall of 1975, when I was a third-year student at NYU Law School, I was surprised to see Tom standing in the main lobby on a pair of crutches. He told me he had enrolled as a first-year law student after spending time in Kenya. Following graduation from Yale, he spent 2 years in Kenya as a Peace Corps volunteer. He and his partner so enjoyed that experience they stayed another year at their own expense until they completely ran out of money. It took them some time to work their way back to the States. During my senior year at NYU Law, I occasionally had lunch with Tom and found him to be a thoughtful and very different person from the freshman I remembered.
“After I graduated from NYU, I went to the Midwest to practice law for 25 years and lost touch with Tom. Nevertheless, I am sorry he is no longer with us. Perhaps some other classmates who knew him might write a note telling us a bit more about him.”