William S. Swartz

“Sam” Swartz and I worked together at the Yale Daily News during our
junior and senior years. Sam was one of the five news editors who
each took a day of the week and had the responsibility of laying out
the next day’s paper, picking the lead stories and figuring out which
stories would be accompanied by photographs. I don’t have any good
anecdotes, but I certainly remember Sam’s dedication and reliability
with gratitude. Putting out a daily college newspaper is fun and
exciting but it can be drudgery.  Getting people to show up to cover
meetings, edit stories or lay out pages  was challenging, especially
as exams approached. Sam always showed up. I lost track of him after
our board stopped running the news. I don’t think I ever heard from
him after graduation. But I was profoundly saddened a few years later
when I read that he had died.

       Bill Bulkeley

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