We would like to build a timeline featuring key dates in the history of our class as well as any interesting factoids about the class. Please forward key dates or class statistics of note to Bill Fowkes at williamfowkes@aya.yale.edu or offer your thoughts in the comment box below, and we’ll add them in this space..


SEPTEMBER 1968 – The Class of 1972 enters Yale. This all-male class did not then know that it would be the last all-male class to enter Yale and would itself be co-educated the following year.

SEPTEMBER 1969 – Women transfer students join the class of 1972, expanding the class size to approximately 1200.

SPRING 1972 (Does anyone know the date or month?) – Shirley MacLaine is heckled at the Class of 1972 Class Day Dinner.

OCTOBER 2013 – The new class of 1972 website launches.


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