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Class Updates


Thanks for sending us your recommendations for great teachers at Yale to be highlighted in the 50th reunion book. We can include a few more, however, so if you still have ideas, please send them along–together with a sentence or two about what you think made them great? (Really just a sentence or two–short is good.)
You can send them to Bill Fowkes at williamfowkes@aya.yale.edu
Thanks for your help.
William Ivor Fowkes and Jonas Zdanys
Reunion Book Co-Editors


Dear Classmates,
We think the Class of 1972 is an unusually creative class. Not only do we have more than our share of professional writers, musicians, painters, actors, dancers, and other artists, many other class members who don’t or didn’t make their living in the arts, work away – or have worked away – at writing, painting, or participating in one or more of the other arts. Add to that all the other ways some of us show our creativity – as home chefs, interior decorators, gardeners, and many other activities – and I think the case is made.
We invite you to share examples of your creative work in the 50th Reunion Book.
Photos, photos, and more photos. Of books you’ve written. Objects you’ve created. Performances. Baked delights. Sculptures. Gardens. Dances. The possibilities are unlimited.
1. Go the the reunion book website at
2. Log in and proceed through the submission process. (You’ll need your personal ID number–which was sent to you in our reunion book emails and may also be found on your Yale Alumni Magazine mailing label.)
3. When you get to the third step, you’ll be invited to submit photos.
4. At the bottom of that page, you’ll find a section called “Class Creativity.” That’s the place! Submit as many photos of your work as you’d like. (If you go overboard, we’ll winnow the photos down to a manageable number.) And be sure to include a caption, so we know what we’re looking at and whose work it is.
We think you’ll have fun rounding up samples of your creativity. So, get started! The deadline is October 15, 2021.
(And while you’re there, fill out the other sections – information, essays, questions, remembrances, etc. – too.)
We’ve included a few examples (without captions) here of what we’re looking for.
William Ivor Fowkes
Jonas Zdanys
Reunion Book Co-Editors


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of this historic and fascinating document!
Dear Classmates,
Congratulations to those of you who have submitted content for our 50th reunion book so far! And thank you – we’re off to a great start. However, we still have a long way to go to make this book as rich and compelling as we know it will be.
If you haven’t submitted anything yet, please start the process as soon as you can (see below to find out how). If you’ve submitted only some, but not all, items requested, please consider including a personal essay (your classmates would love to hear about your life), answering the 8 questions (these will form the basis of some probing and fascinating editorial articles), submitting a remembrance of one or more deceased classmates (these are often the best items in Yale’s reunion books), and submitting lots of photos (everyone loves photos).
We’re happy to announce that we’ve negotiated a deadline extension with the publisher of our 50th Reunion Book.
The new deadline for submitting content for the book is now OCTOBER 15, 2021. The reunion book website will walk you through the submission process.
Log onto the reunion book website today:https://Yale72.reuniontechnologies.com
You’ll need your personal ID to log in–which you can find in the email which recently went out. (It’s the same as the number that appears on the mailing label on your copy of the Yale Alumni Magazine.)
We’re sure your classmates would love to hear from you, just as we’re sure you’ll appreciate being included in this historical document.
Enjoy the extra time!
William Ivor Fowkes
Jonas Zdanys
Reunion Book Co-Editors

DON’T BE LEFT OUT! SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT FOR THE 50TH REUNION BOOK TODAY. Deadline is now October 15, 2021. (Details below)

50th Reunion Book

Dear Classmates,

I am excited to announce our in-person 50th reunion June 2-5, 2022 in Davenport College. I appreciate that Andrew Capitman, Cynthia Brill, and Connie Royster have joined me as reunion co-chairs. You will be hearing more from them on various topics – such as when the reunion hotel blocks will open – but for now I ask you to focus on our 50th Reunion book.

I am grateful that Bill Fowkes and Jonas Zdanys have been working hard as co-chairs and co-editors of the Reunion Book. Please read the following note from them, which asks you to provide information for the book by October 15, 2021 (extended from original deadline September 15, 2021).

I look forward to greeting you in person at our 50th!

Rob Bildner, Class Secretary


Dear Classmates,

We’re looking forward to the Class of 1972’s 50th Reunion in New Haven next spring and hope you are planning to attend. In conjunction with that event, we’ll be publishing a 50th Reunion Book, a tradition that goes back many generations at Yale. This will be the most important of all the historical documents about our class, a lasting legacy and testament, and we cannot make it without your help.

The 50th Reunion Book will have three sections. We ask you to contribute to and help shape all three of these sections. You will be guided through each of them when you open your personal profile page (as explained below).

Introductory Materials – This section will include essays, photo collages, and other editorial features.
Personal Profiles – This section will include a profile of each member of our class.
In Memoriam – This section will be dedicated to remembrances of classmates who have died.

Here’s what we ask you to do by October 15, 2021 or sooner:

(1) Please open your personal profile page here:


You will need your personal ID number in order to sign into the website.

YOU CAN FIND YOUR ID NUMBER IN THE EMAIL SENT TO YOU JULY 28, 2021. If you can’t find it, please email our YAA contact, Jennifer Julier (jennifer.julier@yale.edu) and ask her to re-send it to you.

We’ve hired Reunion Technologies, a company that has worked on most of the 50th reunion books in recent history, to provide a website at which you can easily upload your contributions to all three sections of our book. Please note that you do not need to complete your entries at one sitting, but may access the website as many times as you need, and also change things that you entered at an earlier time.

(2) Please follow the step-by-step guided process on the website as you enter your information. This is what you are asked to contribute:

PERSONAL INFORMATION. You can provide as much or as little information as you would like in the categories appearing on the website, including things like address, phone, marriage(s), child(ren), grandchild(ren), education, honors, groups, etc.

PERSONAL ESSAY. Your personal essay is an opportunity to share whatever you want to tell your classmates about your life. Think of it as a conversation starter for the reunion. (Because of space considerations, we’ll have to limit these essays to 350 words each.)

QUESTIONS. We’re asking you to answer a series of questions about your years at Yale and your life after graduation. Your answers will be incorporated into feature essays in the front section of the book that will provide reflections on the social and cultural currents we moved through then and after we graduated and the impacts we may have had on Yale and on the country and the world. (The authors of any answers quoted in the essays will be identified by name.) Our goal is to create a tapestry of voices and perspectives as representative of our class as possible, so please take the time to answer as many of these as you can as soon as you can.

REMEMBRANCES FOR OUR IN MEMORIAM SECTION. The website provides a place to contribute a brief memory of any of our deceased classmates. There is a pull-down listing of all their names and space where you can type in your remembrance. These remembrances will be compiled and featured in the In Memoriam section of the reunion book as we honor these classmates. Please submit your remembrances as soon as possible.

PERSONAL PHOTOS. Your 1972 yearbook photo (or a comparable photo) will be featured in your profile automatically. You may insert up to two more photos into your profile—for example, recent photos of you and/or your family. The website will make it easy to do this.

ADDITIONAL PHOTOS. We plan to include some photo essays, so we welcome as many photos as you would like to provide for any of the following sections:

1.  Our Time at Yale: 1968-1972. Photos from when we were at Yale along with pictures of any ephemera, such as ads, programs, posters, menus, and invitations that you have kept.

2. Beyond 1972. Photos of you doing things with classmates over the years, whether that be mini-reunions, celebrations, trips, etc.

3. Class Creativity. Photos of book covers, graphic arts, performances, and any other creative projects.

Please submit as many photos for these sections as you have so we can create a comprehensive and interesting collection. And please submit them as soon as possible.

When do we need these materials? We ask that you please submit your profile information, personal essays, answers to questions, remembrances, photos, and everything else as early as possible, preferably before our deadline of October 15, 2021.

Need assistance?
For editorial help, or if you have lost your personal ID number, email Bill Fowkes (fowkesbill@aol.com) or Jonas Zdanys (26marketstreet@comcast.net).

For other technical help, visit

William Ivor Fowkes & Jonas Zdanys

Yale Class of 1972 50th Reunion Book Co-Editors

50th Class Reunion Announcement

May 12, 2021
It may be hard to believe but the Class of ‘72 will be convening next year in New Haven in the spring for our 50th reunion. At this point in time, it is likely that we will be meeting in person, but final decisions on the exact date of our reunion and even the location on campus of our reunion headquarters are still to be determined. This is because the university calendar is still not finalized, and the university has decided that reunion classes which had to hold virtual reunions this year will be allowed to hold in-person reunions next year. This means there may be twice as many reunions happening as normal, so it will take some time for the logistics and schedule to be worked out. I wish I had more definitive information to give you but that’s the best I can do at the time this letter was printed.
Nevertheless, we have already begun to plan our reunion and I am delighted to announce the names of our classmates who have agreed to lead our reunion planning: Reunion co-chairs are Connie Royster (JE), Cynthia Brill, Andrew Capitman (SM) and myself. These co-chairs will be coordinating logistics, programming, marketing, the memorial service, and other functions with each one of us taking the lead in specific areas. A 50th reunion book to which each classmate contributes essays, reflections, and photos has a special significance, and I am grateful that Jonas Zdanys (BR), who edited our 25th reunion class book, and Bill Fowkes (DC), who was co-editor of our 45th reunion class book, have agreed to co-chair our 50th reunion book committee. Jonas and Bill have already begun planning our book and will be reaching out to classmates in May/June soliciting participation in the book. I am appreciative that many classmates have already agreed to serve on this and other committees for our reunion; they include Deborah Rose (JE), Cathy Olian (GH), Leah Greenwald (ES), Jamie Stern (BR), Rhonda Singer (also our AYA delegate), Lydia Temoshok (ES), Ed Tan (SY), Roger Rosenthal (MC), and Michael Schaeffer (SM). Last but not least, our super capable treasurer, Frank Krejci (SY), will be working with our committee to keep our reunion financially viable including making it possible for every one of our classmates to attend the reunion regardless of personal financial circumstances. Bill Fowkes, in his position as our Corresponding Secretary, will be working on marketing, as well as on the reunion book.
My ask: Please join our reunion planning committee! We need many more classmate volunteers in all areas and I am happy to speak or email you regarding our committees and any particular interest you may have. Please contact me at rbildner@gmail.com
Thank you for supporting the Class of ‘72 and I can’t wait to see you in person next spring at our 50th reunion!
Robert Bildner Class Secretary


Photos by Ed Tan, Karen Gantz, Rob Bildner, Hux Miller, Kay Hill, and Deborah Bernick.

Friday, March 6, 2020 – Welcome dinner at 6PM – Joe’s Stone Crabs of South Beach
Saturday, March 7
Morning tours:
– Walking tour of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District
– Curator’s tour of Wolfsonian Museum of Art and Design
Lunch: on your own.
– Tour of the Design and Art Districts of Miami, including a docent led tour of the De la Cruz Collection.
– Visit to Miami’s newest museum, International Contemporary Art Miami.
– Tour of the Wynwood Art District
Cocktails and dinner at Rhouse Wynwood
Sunday, March 8
– Visit to the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
– Brunch at Glass and Vine in the historic Peacock Park, Coconut Grove.


To donate make checks payable to Yale University. In the memo line, write “Class of 1972 Women’s Scholarship Fund.” Check the “Other” box and write in the exact name of the fund. Online follow the directions at https://secure.yale.imodules.com/s/1667/giving/17/form.aspx…
When you receive your tax receipt/thank-you letter, make sure it specifically references this fund. Please note that contributions to the Class of 1972 Women’s Scholarship Fund do not count toward annual fund credit but do count toward reunion class credit.

ANOTHER WAY TO GIVE–Consider making a bequest to the Class of ’72 Women’s Scholarship Fund: Designate the exact name of the fund, the Class of ’72 Women’s Scholarship Fund, at Yale University, in your will. If interested, you may also contact Mary Beth Congdon at Marybeth.congdon@yale.edu in the planned giving office.

“Sixteen years ago the women of the Class of 1972 created an endowed scholarship for transfer students called The Yale ’72 Women’s Scholarship Fund. The recipient for the past three years has been Rona Ji ’18. She transferred to Yale as a sophomore, like the women of 1972 who started this scholarship in 2002 in honor of our 30th Reunion. Rona has embraced all that Yale has to offer. She recently graduated with a dual major in economics and ethnicity, race, and migration. Her most rewarding experience outside the classroom was with Yale Building Bridges, which brings high-achieving college students to teach English in rural China. Rona helped expand this program to deal with mental health and gender equality. She has given back to the local community by tutoring through New Haven Reads. Rona has been involved in the Yale China Economic Forum, and spent a semester abroad in Beijing. A talented musician as well, Rona played the flute with the Yale Band in Australia following graduation. Later this summer she will teach in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program, before starting her MBA at the Yale School of Management with a view to working in US and Chinese commerce relations. Cynthia Brill, Carol Whitehead, Ann Linden and Connie Royster have been involved in shepherding the fund over the years. It now has over $300,000 in assets with contributions from many of our pioneering class of women, and has provided scholarship assistance to numerous talented women transfer students. This scholarship fund continues to accept donations. Thank you!”

Yale Reunion

Reunion Links

AGING WELL PANEL: Thursday, June 1, 2017.:

Mick Smyer’s (BK) presentation, “Is There a Secret to Aging Well?”  the class of 1972’s AGING WELL panel at our 45th reunion. Mick, Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University, has provided us with his slides. Click here: 6-1-17SmyerAgingYale72PDF

Here is the full article that formed the basis of Mick’s presentation:  https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/article/how-shall-we-age/

Helen Kivnick (ES), Professor of Social Work, University of Minnesota, gave a presentation at the AGING WELL panel at our Class of 1972 45th Reunion, June 1, 2017. Here are the slides from her presentation: https://yale72.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/KivnickAgingWellFrYOU-6-1-17notes.pdf

REUNION PHOTOShttps://yale72.org/photo-galleries/reunion-photos/

PERSONAL REMEMBRANCES FROM THE 45TH REUNION MEMORIAL SERVICE: https://yale72.org/notes/personal-remembrances-45th-reunion-memorial-service/ 

Website Tip – How To Find Obituaries Of Class Members

How To Find Obituaries Of Class Members:

To see RECENT OBITUARIES of class members, go to the menu item “In Memoriam” under “CLASS NEWS” in the righthand column on every page. To see ALL OBITUARIES, go to the menu item “In Memoriam” in the drop-down menu under “THE CLASS” in the blue heading on every page.