"After Much Foot Dragging," News from Michael Dee (MC)

“After Much Foot Dragging,” News from Michael Dee (MC)

September 6, 2016 in Notes

Thoughtful choices (and good luck) can make a rewarding life. My wife Marilyn and I have two wonderful daughters, and a new grandson to go with our three year old granddaughter. For about thirty years, my brother Jonathan (MC 70) and I managed the Smarties candy business we inherited from our father, and now our daughters have taken over adding their millennial ideas. About a dozen years ago, for brain diversification Ienrolled in graduate school at Drew University. Taking one class a term soon brought a Master’s degree (somewhat unintentionally, since the point was just to keep learning). Then a class on Wordsworth pointed to rich associations between that poet and Charles Darwin, and a successful doctoral dissertation about creativity – after five years of research into why Darwin was the first to figure out natural selection. Now I am turning “The Roots of Charles Darwin’s Creativity” into a book, so if anyone knows a sympathetic agent please let me know (deefam2@gmail.com). Starting to publish at 66 seems a propitious beginning to the next phase of life.

Michael Dee, (MC)

P.S. My business email has tough spam filters, so I figured I would give you my personal email address (if you print such things) – I trust I am not breaking any laws that will bring Congressional disapproval. On second thought, I hope I am getting on their enemies list by writing favorably about evolution.

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