Alan Gaby's Fourth Musical Premieres at His Synagogue

Alan Gaby’s Fourth Musical Premieres at His Synagogue

March 19, 2015 in Arts, Notes

Nathan Wise (DC) writes that he attended the opening night performance of DC roommate Alan Gaby’s musical version of the Book of Esther on March 7 in Concord, NH–entitled “Deja, Nu?” (a Yiddish pun on “Deja Vu”), with music by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. “Alan wrote the clever lyrics and script, acted the role of the villain, Haman, and played his signature guitar in the orchestra. His beautiful wife, Beth, and charming daughter, Ann, also performed in the cast. Alan is still as ingenious, witty, energetic, and musical as you remember! A delightful evening of theatre, using ancient history set in a sixties motif–applied with relevance to the dangers of today’s world. Alan’s next project is a revision of his massive textbook, NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE, originally published in 2011. He is indeed our class ‘renaissance man’!”


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