David Carpenter Reports on Major Life Change

David Carpenter Reports on Major Life Change

February 18, 2016 in Notes

“As I just paid my class dues, it occurred to me that I actually have things to report. After 37 years, I just retired from my partnership in the Sidley Austin law firm. I spent most of the last year studying yoga and preparing for (and passing!) the two day test that has made me a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. I am now spending my time teaching and studying yoga, working in different capacities on three not-for-profit boards, taking courses to try to fill in various gaps in my knowledge, independently working as a lawyer on a few things that interest me, and thinking about what else I might now do. I have Gleason 6 prostate cancer which I have, to date, decided not to treat and just to monitor, and I also have so far survived one other significant health scare unscathed. My wife Orit is a psychotherapist who both treats schizophrenics and works with opera singers on performance anxiety and other issues — an interesting combination. I just had my first grandchild, a grandson, and have learned why many are so rhapsodic about being grandparents. Time marches on. That’s it. I have now assuaged my guilt over having read each month’s class notes for more than 40 years without ever contributing much of anything.”

David Carpenter (DC)

(Photo taken by Bill Fowkes in Davenport–probably 1971)

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