More Thoughts About Stu Jackson

More Thoughts About Stu Jackson

September 21, 2016 in In Memoriam, Notes


Thomas Rokholt
Thomas Rokholt Thank you for sharing this, William. Impressive what he accomplished and persevered against both on campus and later in life. Please let us know if you will be in NH for your 45th reunion!

William Logan
William Logan We’ve lost a number of good friends from those years at YBC–in addition, John Toth, Craig Baskerville, Malcolm Acheson, Larry Alexander, Dean Pailler, Chip Triest. Perhaps there are others.

Harold W Stanley
Harold W Stanley Thanks for posting this, William. Stu and I roomed together for junior and senior years and had WYBC in common as well as a fascination with politics. And endless cups of coffee in the Saybrook dining hall. I would visit with him over many years when he was in D.C. — we could easily and readily pick back up wherever we had left off in the years gone by. Strangely, we lost touch when he moved to Chautauqua even though I was geographically not too distant in Rochester. Stu was a kind and gentle soul.

Tom Guterbock
Tom Guterbock Sad to hear of this loss, and the others.

David Radin
David Radin Thanks, William Logan, for keeping us informed. The great work that those guys did at WYBC paved the way for the rest of us to have great experiences there and to ride those experiences to exciting careers in broadcasting and elsewhere. As we think of them, let’s remember their impact as well.

Peter Schay
Peter Schay Bill, thanks for sharing this sad news. That said, it’s good seeing posts from other WYBC friends.

Rich Gelber
Rich Gelber Speaking of which, it’s nice to follow Peter’s post (with whom I’ve totally lost touch, since John (J.T.) Toth’s funeral), but so very sad to read about Stu, whose “dry sense of humor” I remember all too well. I also remember when he worked for Business Week, for many years, I think based in D.C. William mentions above the summer of 1971, and I recall that YBC generally went off the air in the summer, since Helen would not function well in the then-unventilated room in Payne Whitney Gym in that kind of weather, but since I had a bursary job that summer and stayed in town (in Kevin McKeown’s house), I was able to spend most afternoons with multiple screwdrivers and other tools of torture inside the transmitter. Stu and John Burgess entertained, or more accurately messed with my head, during any number of memorable evenings. Stu shall surely be missed.

William Logan
William Logan I had coffee with Stu in DC, probably around 1977, then we lost touch for twenty years. I had the morning shift the summer of 1970 and 1971, and oddly don’t recall any down time. I do recall the miserable hot weather. The techies were always the real heroes of YBC.

Peter Dennant
Peter Dennant Sorry to hear about Stu’s early demise. He was a good man.

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