The Death of Stu Jackson Reported

The Death of Stu Jackson Reported

February 16, 2016 in In Memoriam, Notes, Recent Deaths

“I am very sorry to report that my brother, Stuart Edwin Jackson, a member of the class of ’72, died on July 30, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduation Stuart received an M. S. in journalism from Columbia University in 1973. During his long career in business news, he worked for Platt’s Oilgram News, Business Week eventually becoming a Senior Editor of that magazine, and Bloomberg News for which he managed all operations outside of Western Europe, the U. S. and Canada. In 2001 he moved to Tokyo to become Managing Editor of Bloomberg Television Asia. In 2004 he relocated to Hong Kong where he worked for The Standard newspaper as Managing Editor and the South China Morning Post newspaper as Business Editor. He is survived by his two older brothers, James Michael Jackson (now deceased), Class of ’59, and Dennis Miles Jackson, Class of ’62, a niece, Jennifer Jackson Parker, and two nephews, James Montgomery Jackson and Robert Miles Jackson, Class of ’93.
Sincerely yours,
Dennis Miles Jackson”

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  1. I knew Stu at WYBC. He was a great guy. I’m very sorry to hear this.

  2. Stu Jackson used to frequent our Saybrook senior suite during our group readings of Tolkien’s Hobbit after dinner and before we settled into our respective “study halls,” updating us with the going ons of the “outside” world. I recall him wearing a trench coat when visiting our room which he kept on even after he settled into an easy chair. My thoughts back then were that he would either make a great American spy coming in from the cold, or a great journalist. I’m glad he chose the latter, which I’ld like to think made the world a little bit better. Stu, you’ll be sorely missed!

  3. Stu was a roommate of mine. I shall always be in awe of him and WYBC!

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