Jack Casey Gets Married and Publishes Novel About Alexander Hamilton's Final Years

Jack Casey Gets Married and Publishes Novel About Alexander Hamilton’s Final Years

May 6, 2020 in Notes, Publications

“Victoria and I got married in Raleigh in January and Scott Reckard flew in from California for the big day.  Currently we’re holed up in the wilds of Brunswick, NY.  COVID-19 has forced us into a protracted honeymoon.
As I warned you in December, my latest and greatest debuted on Amazon in January, HAMILTON’S CHOICE.  I approached the Hamilton saga from a different perspective, chronicling the last three years of his life to offer a new explanation about why he accepted Burr’s challenge to duel.  In addition to his many “firsts,” Hamilton was the first casualty of our uniquely American political legacy that includes Lincoln and the Kennedys.
Douglas Hamilton, a fifth-generation grandson, praised how the novel explores the Hamilton family dynamic leading up to the duel, and Pulitzer-prize winner William Kennedy who runs the NYS Writers Institute complimented its style.  My public appearances are being rescheduled, but the audio book is on its way, narrated by Robert Fass.  I hope you will check it out.
Won’t be long until our 50th, and I’m looking forward to hoisting a few with the usual suspects.  Stay safe!

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